Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Final Event

*Fundraiser Proceeds Presentation at Florence Crittenton 9-24-08*

And here we are yall! Look how we have all come so far together! In the photo above you will see me speaking to the Staff of Florence Crittenton, the Board members of Florence Crittenton, girls from the group, and also to all the people that participated in this Summers Give that were able to make it to the event! Even Elizabeth's new boss that she is apprenticing at Jordan Elementary Libby and her husband were able to attend.....Martha from the Kierland Coldstone Creamery, Scott from Lund Cadillac, and so many more!!!

What a beautiful evening! They had it catered and even had a cake decorated with such a beautiful message...

We were able to formally recognize all the people that participated in this Summers Give to couldn't have been as fabulous as it was without their love and support!

I was able to share our story of how we found Liz and fell in love with her, and was also able to speak of all the accomplishments of the Summer and how grateful we were that she let us in and found trust in us. I was able to verbalize the importance of the evening and the fact that we wouldn't have been there without Liz and without Florence Crittenton as the starting point. Liz is such a survivor and pillar of strength..she choose this organization as the group to fundraise for and it was absolutely amazing to see her personally present the monies raised to them!

What an empowering evening for her and how great to see that unfold. Like I have said a million times before, we have had an amazing journey through this Summers experience....

Monday, September 8, 2008

~Dreamboards & Bagels Social~

Our Last Social of the Summer with Liz!

What an amazing JOURNEY we have had as friends and with Elizabeth this Summer!

We spent so much timing dreaming up ways to make dreams happen for Elizabeth that we wanted to make sure that we keep dreaming after this Summer ends! We all got together for a Saturday morning of Dreamboards & bagels at Marisa's house in North Scottsdale. Bagels and Sprinkles cupcakes it turned out to be!!

We visited and recapped a bit then popped a squat on the living room floor with what seemed to be hundreds of magazines, tons of glue sticks, and armed with scissors...we cut away for over an hour and all made our individual dreamboards! It was so fun to dream together and share our dreams with one was also so lovely to see how Liz's dreams have grown since she wrote her book in April to the dreams that are now on her board! It was a terrific way to close the Summer with one another!