Thursday, June 26, 2008

Let's map it out-time for a CALENDAR!


We have so much planned and so much in the making that it was time for a calendar! Tonight's meeting was very special...we have made some really big commitments and have a lot of follow through in the making! It was awesome to see the group working together to make sure the things that we have set to get done are getting done and that we are assisting one another while doing so!
We tentatively mapped out the rest of the summer's socials and appointments...details to come, but the vision is on paper....and it is SO EXCITING!!
It was neat to see how we are growing to know Elizabeth as well...who communicates with her, why, and how...not only are we are learning about Liz, but also about ourselves...double sided blessing!
This group of women is amazing...or as one of my friend's would say, AMACING...we set out to get inspired, to be challenged, and to grow.....this is what is happening, and it is AMACING!
An insert from my follow up email below:
"This weeks personal challenge is not to lie to yourself, or OTHERS....Easy right!! We all signed up for this one....Good luck, we can do this!
I will be headed to Aram's Auto Body this Monday with Elizabeth, she has the day off and is very excited!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Holy Mother the STARS are lining UP!!!!

What an amazing community we live in! We had the blessings of meeting Mr. Mike Saini! He and his wife, Dr. Santosh Saini, who own Q Dental Care in Phoenix are going to donate their time and resources to making sure that Elizabeth's smile is shining bright for years to come!!

They will begin working with her this summer to make sure that she is aware of all that goes into having her "smile from with in" big and confident! Our dream for her is to never see this smile fade! :)

Thank you Q Dental Care for your care and generosity! This is such a gift-thank you for making this possible!! Elizabeth will have all her pearly cleaning and repairs from the best in the Valley, and even have the option of Orthodontics if she so chooses!!! BONUS.....

Like I said, the STARS are lining up!!!!

Please Make Note:

This Sunday June 22nd, there are 2 important EVENTS that are being hosted by a few of the gals of this Summer 2008's Big Give Group!

A Toast for the Cure in honor of our friend Kindra that is fighting a rare form of cervical cancer will be held at the home of Amy Wallace's in Scottsdale from 2pm to 5pm! CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR DETAILS:

The other is an Ice Cream Social Fundraiser from 6pm to 8pm at Sweet Republic, 9160 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ - (480) 248-6979! We will be supporting our friend Gabi Kepes who was honored as one of AZ's Finest to Raise Money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Arizona!

Elizabeth and I will be attending both of these Events together and we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~Fashion/Apparel Social~

We had a BLAST!

Fashion fabulous, and Happy Birthday to Liz! This was such a fun social! SO MANY CLOTHES! Holy Moly.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the gals that found fabulousness and passed it on to Liz...yall picked perfectly! This girl can fit into anything and everything fits her! She looked darling in everything!!! It was amazing! We filled our girl Kelly's house with clothes, bags, jewelry & shoes....Liz went home with a whole new wardrobe, and tons of tips! Imagine being with your mother, sister, and every friend you ever had...we gave her an earful! She is not missing a beat a in the girlie stuff category!

Everything was cleaned, steamed and laid out perfectly...and we went through from top to bottom.

It was such a good time and we had to take a break in the middle to celebrate Elizabeth's Birthday! She turns 19 on Saturday June 21st and we wanted to bring her Birthday week in with a bang! Delicious cake, and her favorite, butter pecan ice cream! Yeah, we all gained a ton :)
Thank you to our friend Alissa for donating the items that didn't work out for Elizabeth to the people in Cedar Rapids!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

~Home Buying Social~

Elizabeth is on her way...

Today's Home Buying Social was very productive! Elizabeth had an appointment with Kim Sullivan from New Horizon Mortgage in North Scottsdale! What a class act Kim is, the best in the business! I use her for all my clients, and made her acquaintance, now friendship through my friend and associate Marisa Stockwood. Elizabeth did everything from watch the market change to locking loans in place. She learned from the best on how important credit is and how to get it lined up in her favor. Kim did financing 101 with her so when Elizabeth is good and ready to buy a home she will have taken the proper steps to be able to move forward in doing so. I actually think I learned just as much, man did I need a recap....

Elizabeth now has fabulous contact #2 on speed dial...she will be in contact with Kim through the summer as she gets all the steps in place that they discussed! Thank you to Kim and the time she dedicated to Elizabeth and our Give! It really couldn't have gone better!

After we left New Horizon Mortgage, we headed to Marisa Stockwood's home office and visited with her over lunch about our appointment with Kim and discussed all that we had gathered. We soon got to talking about Real Estate and the importance of investments. Marisa shared the story of her career journey in Real Estate and was able discuss her personal Real Estate Investments with Elizabeth. Marisa and I discussed the process and fulfillment of working with our clients in their home buying experience. It was really a sweet and lovely ladies lunch!!!

Elizabeth had a great time and agreed with me that both Kim and Marisa are very amazing and very special women! We are fortunate to know them and have their support! :)

We're "TRUCKIN" along!!

The truck is getting tuned up!!

Can you believe it! We are just knockin these arrangements out! Thank you to Aram's Auto body Service for their care and generosity! This is so cool! This will make such a difference, and it is such a gift!

We are so lucky to have made this connection, crazy how life works in mysterious ways! It is going to be so exciting to share this news with Elizabeth!

Last night's meeting was so productive! We've practically mapped out the rest of the summer plans/socials, and we are going to be very very busy. July will be full of fundraising and school plans! It was so cool to just discuss all the goals and accomplishments thus far & to come! The group is so candid, emotionally and logically tuned into this give, and so caring towards Elizabeth's feelings surrounding the summer... it is awesome!
Also, our girl Gabi who works for YELP, and is also one of "Arizona's Finest", brought reusable grocery bags for all the gals to the meeting to support this weeks personal goal of using them when grocery shopping! We are constantly changin for the better... Thanks YELP

Thursday, June 5, 2008

And, we're a great start!

Not only did we get the PLANE ticket, we got 2 nights at a Hotel for Elizabeth as well!

Thank you to BLIND SOCIETY MARKETING AGENCY, owners Jim and Jami Clark, who donated points for a round trip ticket for Elizabeth to fly to Colorado and meet her oldest brother Michael who she has never met! Their efforts also inspired an anonymous donor who donated 2 nights at a hotel for Elizabeth when she goes on her journey! THANK YOU for making this dream come true! I cried when they let me know :)

Last nights meeting was so just felt charged and put together! It feels like we are all on the same page and you can really tell how much of our hearts and energy are invested in Elizabeth and the Big Give! Its so cool how we are working together to make all these socials and arrangements possible.

The Home Buying Social will be this week...

An insert from my follow up email below:

"This week's BIG arrangement is assisting Elizabeth with getting her truck tuned up and repaired! It is running, but from what I understand, could use a little help. It's an older model Ford that she saved up for and bought. It is not a 4 x 4. We will be working diligently on this!! Lets get this arranged by next Wednesday, I am positive that we can!! If you know of a business that would like to be part of this, please invite them to participate, as we would greatly appreciate their help!"

This is awesome, I can only imagine what we will accomplish by August 16th! We are planning for a fundraiser in July...the group, along with Elizabeth will plan a fundraiser for someone in the Valley that is in need and we will accomplish this together...I think it will feel really good for Elizabeth to be able to give back with us, the gift of giving is HUGE! We spent some time discussing that...
Movin right along!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

~Our first Social, The Beauty Social~

Sunday Fun Day!

Sunday's Beauty Social was such a success!!! Elizabeth loved her facial, and her one on one time with Jordan! She learned a lot about her skin, and we got her on a healthy skin regiment that she will easily be able to keep up with! She has Jordan on speed dial and is so happy to know a skin specialist. We all had lunch together and then watched Mystic Pizza! Thanks to all the girls that made that possible, it wouldn't have been such a hit with out all of you! She must have thanked me 5 to 10 times, and she also told me that all my friends were so pretty and successful! Such a sweet compliment!
I received a text message from her at 6:30 pm that night saying that she had an amazing day with me and the girls ;) That was very special.