Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fundraiser Preparation!!!

We have lots to do!

An insert from my follow up email below:

"*** We spent time planning for Liz's send off this Friday at the airport and her welcome back on Sunday! If you are able to join for the send off at Terminal 4 at the airport this Friday at 11am, please email me before 7pm tonight...Also if you are able to join in for her welcome back at the airport, Terminal 4, 9:30am Sunday, please email me here before 7pm Friday night! :)

I will be responding to both groups separately with the details of where to meet etc...

*** Next we set some plans of action in place for the fundraiser & fundraiser preparation! Holy mother do we have things to do!

Outside of coming out and supporting the actual fundraiser itself by coming with your family and friends to buy an ice cream on Monday August 18th from 6-8pm, and outside of emailing your entire social network and entire professional network the fancy flyer invitation for the event, which I know all of you are going to do, if you are willing to give your time and efforts in pre-fundraiser responsibilities, please email me here and let me know...we would definitely appreciate the assistance."

And just when you thought the planning could end, there was more!!!!

"We will be sending all of you the email flyer's to share in your social and professional networks with in the next few days, and we will keep the girls that are actively involved in the pre-fundraiser efforts up to date and in the loop on a regular basis!

*** This next month is going to be great! Aside from the fundraiser on the 18th, Liz has 3 major appointments coming up in the next few weeks... one to shadow and volunteer with Ms. Berkley at the elementary school in Arcadia, her first major dental appointment, and her first appointment with Alissa on Monday the 11th.

*** We are also planning on our final "social" with will be Saturday September the 6th, bagels and dream boards...we pushed it out to accommodate everyone...we wanted to give all the girls that wanted to be present enough time to plan it into their schedule! I will send an Evite for this one : )"

It's nuts how far we have come and how close to the summer's end we are already! It's gonna fly by!!!


Marisa Stockwood said...

Wow......we have lots to do! I am looking forward to the fundraiser!! It has been such a pleasure working and getting to know all of you girls! You are awesome!!!

Nina said...

Thank you for letting my jump on board last minute and try and be a helpful, productive person to this awesome fundraiser!

It is going to a success!!!

Gabi said...

Yay! I was so happy to be a part of welcoming Elizabeth back today... and the fundraiser is going to be awesome - way to go, all!