Sunday, August 10, 2008


~How can it get any better?~
~Rollin along!!~

This was great! After Liz's very intense & amazing journey to Colorado, me, Gabi & Jordan picked her up from the airport and headed straight to Lund Cadillac to pick up her truck....but guess wasn't ready so they put her in a brand new Cadillac Escalade with Gold bling!!! Yes, no kidding! What a treat....a true dream builder!! This special luxury cake from Lund just got icing!!

Liz was stoked and so excited...she will head to pick up her truck from them tomorrow but in the meantime she has all the patience waiting!!

Thank you again Scott Brown, and ALL the people at Lund Cadillac! Thank you for your care and generosity and efforts in rearranging Liz's world!!!!


Jami said...

That's crazy! Check out that bling-a-ling!

Nina said...

It was soo much fun to see Elizabeth beam with happiness! I want A/C seats!!! :O)