Monday, September 8, 2008

~Dreamboards & Bagels Social~

Our Last Social of the Summer with Liz!

What an amazing JOURNEY we have had as friends and with Elizabeth this Summer!

We spent so much timing dreaming up ways to make dreams happen for Elizabeth that we wanted to make sure that we keep dreaming after this Summer ends! We all got together for a Saturday morning of Dreamboards & bagels at Marisa's house in North Scottsdale. Bagels and Sprinkles cupcakes it turned out to be!!

We visited and recapped a bit then popped a squat on the living room floor with what seemed to be hundreds of magazines, tons of glue sticks, and armed with scissors...we cut away for over an hour and all made our individual dreamboards! It was so fun to dream together and share our dreams with one was also so lovely to see how Liz's dreams have grown since she wrote her book in April to the dreams that are now on her board! It was a terrific way to close the Summer with one another!

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Paul said...


I came across your blog by accident, but I have to say that it is such a touching story!!
It actually brought a tear to my eye. (Maybe I was just emotional because I was short of sleep) :)

You have a HUGE HEART! What you and your friends did is beyond your years!! Most people do not think of giving back until they retire or have an inheritence.

You are a very good person! and have surrounded your self with others that are good, and together as a team you are making the world a better place!

I am a strong believer in "Pay it Forward" and have been even before the movie came out. I have never taken on a project as great as yours , but I would be happy to use my contacts if you do another in the future.

I try each day to help my daughters grow in their understanding of the good in giving,this blog will be perfect for them to see.

Thank you very much for sharing Liz's story with all of us.

You are destined for big things!