Thursday, May 8, 2008

And the winner is... Elizabeth Savage!

Tough Decisions!!

This was such an intense meeting! It was so complex going through the very intense and very little that we knew about each of our candidates! The diversity of our group was so helpful in narrowing it down to one, as a lot of the girls had very strong opinions and passions about our wants and abilities to impact the person that we were going to choose.

Below is an insert from my follow up email:

"We choose one person from six that it had been narrowed down to, and it was not easy! Her name is Elizabeth Savage, and she is 18 and lives in Tempe. She has completed Florence Crittentons Girls Program/System, and is now living on her own. I will meet her for the 1st time next week, prior to the meeting, and hear her story in more detail face to face.

What I know now is she for some reasons or others she was not able to live with her family any longer at an earlier age and was the victim of abuse and neglect. She has dreams of college now, but is working and living to barely get by. From what I understand, she has no family and no support! The administration at FC really believes in her! She has come very far, and the girls from tonight's meeting all agreed that there are many ways we felt we could make an impact with her! We can't wait to hear more from her directly and meet next week to start with the details on how we can add some real positive direction/support in her life! We will put efforts towards changing her life this summer, and move forward with a huge vision in doing that! It will take a lot of attention to detail/creativity as we are still working with a young mind. The completion date for our challenge is Saturday August 16th!"

We took a photo of all of us at the meeting that night holding up the list of names of the candidates on the yellow piece of paper I had used to make chicken scratch! It blew my mind that we had choose one, one person from a whole big city that we wanted to help! I was so excited for Elizabeth, for us, and for the chance to meet her and introduce myself and the dreams the group had for supporting her! At this point, I was hoping that she would accept the offer...

Shortly after writing my follow up email to the group I drove to the Florence Crittenton Center t o share the news with Barbara and Todd, the 2 people from the center that had nominated Elizabeth. That was an amazing moment!! They assisted me in making an appointment with her at the center so that I could meet her among the people she knew and trusted...

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