Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who is Elizabeth???

We're gonna use "All about Me", by Phillip Keel, and do questionnaires about ourselves!

This meeting was cool! We are getting to the fun stuff!! How were we gonna get to know Elizabeth, and incorporate ourselves into her weekly schedule?

Below is an insert from my follow up email:

"I was able to share my story of meeting Elizabeth on Tues at the FloCrit Center! That was special... she seems very open and also very excited! In brief, I explained to her how it was that I came about being there with her and how she was nominated and chosen. Both Barbara and Todd from the center were there with us. I asked her if she was open to this, and if she would share her story and be willing to cooperate with us. All yeses, and we spent about an hour together. I shared my story, we exchanged personal contact info, and went over some small logistics of the summer.

Last night the group decided that a good start from here would be to do a getting to know you questionnaire with Elizabeth. There is a book, "All about Me", by Phillip Keel...I am on my way to buy it now and I will be dropping it off to her today. We figured this would be a less intense light hearted way of getting to know Elizabeth. I am also going to ask her for a photo today. I have also attached a small questionnaire for all of you to fill out, and in a week and a half, I will pick up the book from her and give her the questionnaires that we have filled out about ourselves. Please get those back to me by Sunday the 25th! The group thought this would able a healthy fun start to forming a relationship with her. "

Shortly after I sent Thursdays email, I headed to the book store to buy the book, and I had it wrapped! (Kristin Hannah was in town from Wisconsin, and was able to make this Wednesdays meeting....she actually refered this book...every girl makes a difference!!)
On the inside cover I wrote "For Elizabeth Our Wishes for you are larger than life! Hopefully your dreams are endless! All our hearts, Shauna & the girls of the Summer 2008 Big Give."

I headed to her apartment and was able to see where she lives. She showed me around, and I gave her the book. She complimented our choice of getting to know her and thought that it was a clever idea. I asked her if she would complete the book by the 26th of May and I would pick it up for her upon my return from Italy! It was a deal, and I told her that I would be bringing questionnaires the girls were doing on themselves as well...

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