Thursday, May 29, 2008

Plan of action has started!

The Story of Elizabeth's Life and where we go from here!

I had picked up the book from Elizabeth and she had given me a photo to share with the girls. This is her book, we are just reading it, we are going to give it back to her at the end of the summer. She said that she had showed her mom, and her mom went out and bought one for herself. I am glad the growth and positivity is spreading!

Now, Thursday's follow up email, holymother had we brainstormed, I had so much to write!

Below is an insert from my follow up email:

"Moving Forward! This is great! The "All About Me" book was such a success and great insight for us to get to know Elizabeth. Her likes, dislikes, opinions and goals! The group has set a goal of one social a week with Elizabeth so that we can get to know her while doing the things she likes and needs in a laid back manner. This will not only give us the ability to get to know her, but also educate her on the things she is wanting to know more about and move us towards changing her life!!! She is so excited!!!! I can't wait for more of you to meet her.

This weeks Beauty Social will be this Sunday, June 1st, at Jordan Bryant's Home in Scottsdale at 10:30am. We will be getting together for a girlie afternoon of beauty, lunch and a chick flick! (And, a professional facial for Elizabeth) Elizabeth mentioned wanting to know more about Skin Care, and Jordan is an amazing Aesthetician. She works for the plastic surgeon Dr. Shaw and also privately out of her home in Greyhawk. For any of you that have not used her services, I highly recommend her, she is fabulous, and her skin shows it!"

(In the center of the email were descriptions of other socials to come, and then the ending...)

"This is just the beginning and we are rockin and rollin! Please reply to me if you are interested in this Sunday's social, and I will send you the details/instructions. Ideally we would like to have only a handful of girls at each social. One, not to overwhelm her with all of us at once, and two, each of us will have more expertise in one area over another.

Next, we decided to work on some big arrangements for Elizabeth this summer! The one I'm mentioning in this particular email are FLIGHT PLANS for her to fly from Phoenix to Colorado to meet her oldest brother that she has never met. We will reach this goal!!! We are wondering if any of you, or your husbands, or your friends, or your families, or your businesses have a free ticket or airline miles that can be donated towards making this happen?? Please reply to me if you are able to make this dream come true or have any ideas! I know many of you are not always able to make the meetings to brainstorm and plan, but can easily help from afar....for that we appreciate you more than you know! Let’s see if we can tackle this before next Wednesday!!!! "

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