Thursday, July 17, 2008



It just keeps getting better!!

An insert from my follow up email below:



As I mentioned at the meeting...just to reinforce our efforts of using reusable grocery bags, I have attached the link below that some of the gals forwarded me regarding plastic bags!

Please take the time to read.


Are we on it, or are we on it!?!?! My mind has been blown and our goal has been accomplished if we ended it all here! But that would be too easy, or should I say to hard!!

Last night we shared personal experiences of how we see the difference we are making and the impact it has created. We also planned the outline for next weeks fundraiser social # 1. As the blog mentioned this last weeks school social # 1 and Elizabeth's 1st dentist appointment were huge successes! Also, Marisa and Liz will be doing the ASU tour this coming Monday at 4pm! Like I said, are we on it, or are we on it!

We already decided that the fundraiser social # 1 will be next Wednesday evening from 7pm-8:30pm at Aviano Clubhouse! The meeting will be shortened from 6:30pm-7pm, so please be on time, and committed to starting right away!!! Also, please reply to me here if you are going to be able to participate. I will picking up pizzas for dinner 50% off, thank you Christina DeCarlo, that will make it dirt cheap and we will less guilty about being heffers! You can shout out pizza requests in the reply you send me...

Next week will be great!

The 1hr computer commitment and no TV for one night kinda slipped by and we didn't do so well at that one : ( This weeks personal challenge, and we are on it (right ladies ? ) is to cut out an article or picture this week of someone it reminds you of and share it with that person and let them know why! This should be neat!

Have a great week girlies, I will send the reminder Monday!


A little sappy, but at the end of the meeting, I literally had to take a moment and connect eyes with every girl in the room and tell them that I was so fortunate to call them friends, and to say I knew them and to have them as friends was such a blessing! I had to let them know that I truly admired each of them in one way or another and that it is so powerful that we have each other in one another's lives! Everyone agreed, so it's not just me! : ) If anyone in the world could have that, then they have a ton in all that is positive, powerful and true!

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