Monday, July 14, 2008

~School Social # 1~

Sunday Let's Get Stuff Done Day!!

Elizabeth went to church with Jordan and then met up with Britony and Marisa at Paradise Bakery for lunch! It was a great way to start off the day that became very productive!! Six of us met up with Elizabeth at the Aviano clubhouse to discuss her future school and career goals.

Elizabeth is currently attending community college and has completed 33 credit hours. She needs 44 more credits to receive her associates degree and will then transfer to ASU.

She wants to graduate with a degree in Special Education, then work for a couple of years and then return to school for a masters in Social Work to get into counseling.

Elizabeth is very clear on what she wants to do and based on her life experiences she knows she can make an impact on children.

We talked to her about the importance of building her resume over the next few years and getting a job and doing community service in the education field.

All of us brainstormed together possible job and community service opportunities. Ally invited Elizabeth to volunteer in her classroom as often as she would like and Jami offered to take a look at Elizabeth's resume. Elizabeth is definitely taking them up on their offers.

Elizabeth told us of a friend she ran into that shared with her a job opportunity that fit perfectly what she is looking for and would allow her to quit her In N Out job.

Marisa offered to attend an advisory appointment with Elizabeth at ASU and to go to the "Transfer Thursdays" event for all students that desire to transfer into AUS.

Elizabeth is extremely excited to attend about both events and to get a tour of ASU.

Written by Marisa Stockwood

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