Thursday, July 10, 2008

We've come so far!

Everyone is involved!!

There is so much happening and its all happening at once! It is really amazing to see how far we have come as a group and in working together as a team and how fast we are getting things accomplished! We have made some amazing connections and friendships coming together and working so passionately about something we really believe in! We are truly passionate about changing Liz's life and adding to her world! We tell Liz all the time that she is a blessing to us, and she just giggles. She tells us that she is blessed by us, but we are really also blessed by her!

An insert from my follow up email below:

Hi Gals!

Last nights meeting was super productive!!

Liz's first dentist appt is this coming Tuesday the 15th, Alissa will be taking her! Thanks Alissa. As it turned out Dede is a rock star in getting stuff done in the system, and Liz's insurance should be up and running in seconds1 Thanks Dede!

We spent most of last nights meeting making the outline for this Sundays School Social...brainstormed and knocked around was great we are ready to rock and roll! We are also going to plan to have a send off crew for Liz when she leaves for Denver August 8th and a welcome home crew when she returns August 10th. So that is in the making. The travel plans for that have been finalized & I will be emailing the itinerary to Liz's Grandparents and bother by the end of this week!

We also shared some personal experiences we have had with Liz and it is heart warming to hear the positive impact we are making in her world!

This weeks personal goal is to limit your computer use to one hour a night and turn off the TV for an entire evening and do something else!

We are Rollin!
This is great, we have an amazing group!

Also, if you are able to come out this Friday night to Devils Martini South and help us support our girl Gabi Kepes support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Arizona we would love to see you there! It is their annual Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction, Happy Hour is at 6pm, and the Auction starts at 7pm! Hope to see you there!

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