Monday, June 2, 2008

~Our first Social, The Beauty Social~

Sunday Fun Day!

Sunday's Beauty Social was such a success!!! Elizabeth loved her facial, and her one on one time with Jordan! She learned a lot about her skin, and we got her on a healthy skin regiment that she will easily be able to keep up with! She has Jordan on speed dial and is so happy to know a skin specialist. We all had lunch together and then watched Mystic Pizza! Thanks to all the girls that made that possible, it wouldn't have been such a hit with out all of you! She must have thanked me 5 to 10 times, and she also told me that all my friends were so pretty and successful! Such a sweet compliment!
I received a text message from her at 6:30 pm that night saying that she had an amazing day with me and the girls ;) That was very special.

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The Aguilars said...

how fun. What a great treat!