Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're "TRUCKIN" along!!

The truck is getting tuned up!!

Can you believe it! We are just knockin these arrangements out! Thank you to Aram's Auto body Service for their care and generosity! This is so cool! This will make such a difference, and it is such a gift!

We are so lucky to have made this connection, crazy how life works in mysterious ways! It is going to be so exciting to share this news with Elizabeth!

Last night's meeting was so productive! We've practically mapped out the rest of the summer plans/socials, and we are going to be very very busy. July will be full of fundraising and school plans! It was so cool to just discuss all the goals and accomplishments thus far & to come! The group is so candid, emotionally and logically tuned into this give, and so caring towards Elizabeth's feelings surrounding the summer... it is awesome!
Also, our girl Gabi who works for YELP, and is also one of "Arizona's Finest", brought reusable grocery bags for all the gals to the meeting to support this weeks personal goal of using them when grocery shopping! We are constantly changin for the better... Thanks YELP

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Jami said...

Aram's Auto Body Shop rocks! What an amazing donation. I'm so inspired by all the generous people in the community that are getting involved in the Big Give!