Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~Fashion/Apparel Social~

We had a BLAST!

Fashion fabulous, and Happy Birthday to Liz! This was such a fun social! SO MANY CLOTHES! Holy Moly.... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the gals that found fabulousness and passed it on to Liz...yall picked perfectly! This girl can fit into anything and everything fits her! She looked darling in everything!!! It was amazing! We filled our girl Kelly's house with clothes, bags, jewelry & shoes....Liz went home with a whole new wardrobe, and tons of tips! Imagine being with your mother, sister, and every friend you ever had...we gave her an earful! She is not missing a beat a in the girlie stuff category!

Everything was cleaned, steamed and laid out perfectly...and we went through from top to bottom.

It was such a good time and we had to take a break in the middle to celebrate Elizabeth's Birthday! She turns 19 on Saturday June 21st and we wanted to bring her Birthday week in with a bang! Delicious cake, and her favorite, butter pecan ice cream! Yeah, we all gained a ton :)
Thank you to our friend Alissa for donating the items that didn't work out for Elizabeth to the people in Cedar Rapids!


Marisa Stockwood said...

Last night was a blast!!!! I swear it was like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...every pair of jeans and pants fit her perfectly...what are the chances of that!! She was so excited that we had butter pecan ice cream....her favorite (she mentioned it in the book).

Allyson said...

I can't believe how amazing everything looked on Elizabeth. What a night for her to remember. I am so excited to be a part of all this for Elizabeth.

Jami said...

Last night was so much fun! If only all of us had each other in the mornings when we're trying to put together an outfit. Elizabeth is such a great Big Givee. I know we're getting just as much out of this as she is.
Big hugs for all of your big hearts,

DD said...

You girls are HOT HOT HOT! So sad I had to miss this event! The stuff is awesome! Elizabeth, when you are ready to pass on your new items you know my phone number! =)