Thursday, June 12, 2008

~Home Buying Social~

Elizabeth is on her way...

Today's Home Buying Social was very productive! Elizabeth had an appointment with Kim Sullivan from New Horizon Mortgage in North Scottsdale! What a class act Kim is, the best in the business! I use her for all my clients, and made her acquaintance, now friendship through my friend and associate Marisa Stockwood. Elizabeth did everything from watch the market change to locking loans in place. She learned from the best on how important credit is and how to get it lined up in her favor. Kim did financing 101 with her so when Elizabeth is good and ready to buy a home she will have taken the proper steps to be able to move forward in doing so. I actually think I learned just as much, man did I need a recap....

Elizabeth now has fabulous contact #2 on speed dial...she will be in contact with Kim through the summer as she gets all the steps in place that they discussed! Thank you to Kim and the time she dedicated to Elizabeth and our Give! It really couldn't have gone better!

After we left New Horizon Mortgage, we headed to Marisa Stockwood's home office and visited with her over lunch about our appointment with Kim and discussed all that we had gathered. We soon got to talking about Real Estate and the importance of investments. Marisa shared the story of her career journey in Real Estate and was able discuss her personal Real Estate Investments with Elizabeth. Marisa and I discussed the process and fulfillment of working with our clients in their home buying experience. It was really a sweet and lovely ladies lunch!!!

Elizabeth had a great time and agreed with me that both Kim and Marisa are very amazing and very special women! We are fortunate to know them and have their support! :)

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Marisa Stockwood said...

Great Job on the blog Shauna!! I thuroughly enjoyed lunch with you and Elizabeth. She's a really neat girl and I am so excited that we all will get to know her more this summer. Thank you for inspiring all of us to Give Big!! Love you Shauny!