Thursday, July 24, 2008

~Fundraiser Social # 1~

Makin it Happen!!

We had a two in one last night! That's kinda like a double play! Bah dump bum bum!! :)
Anyhow...we had our brief meeting of planning for the second part of the school social, the things that we think should be in place by next week etc...
Directly after Liz joined up for the first part of the fundraiser social...we had a little pizza...thanks again Christina D. for ordering it up and having it ready at the right price!
MASSIVE planning for the fundraiser! We will be doing this with Liz for the Florence Crittenton Center at the Coldstone Creamery in Kierland...with a celebrity scooper! We are all very excited! We are also going to give our time to the homeless community the morning of.
Last night was such a "business" meeting! It was way cool! Lots to come, and lots to get done!
An insert from my follow up email below:
"Liz shared some trivia and knowledge about Flo Crit with the gals and why she is fond of the center, and then we all organized details and put a plan of action together for promoting, marketing, inviting, and fundraising responsibilities that will need to be done. It was a very productive social!!

Outside of the "business" part of us getting together....Liz shared her experience at ASU with Mari on Monday and her experience yesterday with Kara at House in Scottsdale where she shadowed and assisted special needs children. As it turns out she is very likely to have a job opportunity there. NICE!!

Next weeks buzz is that Liz will be headed back to Q Dental for the 1st of her 3 major appointments, and we will also be meeting for the 2nd part of the school social! Good news, as of today Liz officially has insurance again!

Also, for those that missed the meeting I was able to share a letter from a total stranger that I had received last Thursday who wants to help finish Liz's truck repairs! She found our blog on the Internet! So cool!!!! It'll be posted to the blog!"

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Marisa Stockwood said...

Way to go girls! I was so bummed I had to miss the metting! See you tomorrow.