Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 2nd 2008

So much happened in one DAY!

Yes, I love recapping the meetings on this blog, but today I am recapping yesterday all together!!

The story goes...I was able to contact Elizabeth's older sister Elisha, who emailed Elizabeth's oldest brother Michael, and gave him my number! He called me twice in one day until he was able to reach me and the rest is history!!

An insert from my follow up email below:

"Also, we were able to get a hold of her brother Michael in Castle Rock Colorado! Liz is definitely on her way to visit now...He is so excited to meet his sister, it is his dream as well....turns out he just had a baby and Liz is an aunt, and her grandparents whom she has never met either will be the ones picking her up from the airport...Oh, and this will be her first time on a plane! AMAZING!!! This is so amazing! August 8-10 will be the weekend and we will all be headed to the airport to see her off and to pick her up! What a amazing moment to share this news with her...super emotional and so beautiful! She just can't believe it! She cried so much from joy, and so did we, and so did everyone we told!"

We had these awesome plans to have Jami Clark share this give with Liz at Coldstone Creamery, but because of a small series of events, plans had to change and me and Michelle Johnson had to do a B line to meet up with Elizabeth and share the news with her before she read her brother's Michael's message to her on myspace : )! I can not put this experience in words that will do the justice, but what a powerful moment to be able to share this news with her! Beautifully POWERFUL!

Needless to say the meeting last night rocked....we were able to talk about all that has unfolded and continue on the plans of making all this very special....

Social # 1 of the 2 school socials has been planned and will be held at the Aviano Clubhouse from 1pm to 2:30pm July 13th after Liz heads to church with Jordan! Will will be having lunch at the Paradise Bakery in Desert Ridge from 11:30am to 12:30pm before....

It was sooo cool last night to see how all of the ladies are on point with their communication with Liz, about Liz, surrounding Liz, and planning for Liz....this group is in Sync!

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Michelle said...

It was a true pleasure to be a part of this news. I am glad I got to be there and help share the news with her first hand. Its an amazing feeling always when we, ourselves, receive something good or hear good news, but what an overwhelming joy to give that to someone else!! The look and response from Elizabeth was so fulfilling I will never forget it!