Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~School Social # 2~

Put together and polished!

If Elizabeth isn't school/work ready, then there is no such thing as chocolate!
  • Resume DONE
  • Job Change DONE
  • Volunteer Work DONE
  • ASU ready DONE
  • Business Savvy...just test her, she will knock your socks off from attire to consistency!! DONE!!

Tonight we got together and went over the final necessities in the preparation for Elizabeth to be school/work ready. Starting Monday August 4th, Elizabeth will be volunteering at a local elementary school once a month apprenticing/assisting Ms. Allyson Berkley, and also the special Education teachers on campus.

Her resume was updated then edited and is ready to go! Job change to her career is in process, and she has all the skills and tools necessary to pave her way into success!

Way to go Liz, we are so excited about your future!!

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Jami said...

This is amazing...I think all of us had a felt the power of this gift. If only everyone had people in their life to give them this kind of direction on school and their career. We all have such diverse backgrounds and we were able to share our that with Liz so she got incredibly well rounded advice.